Everything is Stolen is an exhibition of new paintings by South Australian artist, Aida Azin. The artworks reference Aida’s experience of conversations shared during her experience in the Philippines with global thinkers; people who are concerned with cultural preservation, ecology, human rights and protest.

Retracing ones roots is a requisite to knowing ones identity. In a time when almost everyone looks outward and forward to so-called globalization, Aida Azin looks back and inside and defines herself. She finds strengthening ones identity necessary in order to genuinely move forward.

At first glance the exhibition title, Everything is Stolen, refers to the appropriation of images and designs of the Philippines by Aida. The approach to imagery is not too in- your-face; instead, subtler, gestural drawings are portrayed with colour and layers of textural paint. On closer inspection, Aida draws attention to the issues that surround preservation of cultural heritage, which have been denied through history and are ongoing. These issues are not isolated to the Philippines.

Everything is Stolen offers Aida’s perspective as a person born and raised in Australia, a country that struggles with it’s own issues of identity. As the idealistic myth of getting out of the Philippines continues on in the 21st Century, it is important to share personal stories on the repercussions of assimilation - a life that is devoid of culture in pursuit of economic security, separated from extended family.